Monday, April 20, 2015

Una Tiers, Guest Author

Una Tiers is my guest author this week, and she's declaring April a Book Review Month. She's also sharing some tips on reviewing with us. I haven't read Una's work yet, but after reading her Synopsis, I plan to. Welcome, Una!


Reviews are important, they tell the author what the reader saw and they tell other people what to expect. They are hard to come by but treasured by authors. Please consider writing a review this month. 

Easy Bake Recipe for a Book Review

1. Read the entire book.

2. Answer one or more of the following questions:

What was your general impression? Were you entertained, educated, did you laugh, did you love, like or enjoy the book?
What stood out about the book? Was it humorous?
Was there a quote you loved?
Was there an idea it promoted?
How did you feel about the characters?
Do you recommend this book? Do you recommend it to particular readers?

5. For Amazon reviews you only need 20 words. You don’t need to tell the story, this isn’t a book report.

6. Say something nice. A book takes time and heartfelt effort to put together. It’s a little of the writer’s soul.

Reviews are important to authors, please consider writing one today.

Thank you.

About the Author

Una Tiers is an attorney who writes mystery/humorcides. Her debut novel, JUDGE vs NUTS, was re-released in March of 2015. It is available on Amazon eBooks (links below) and is ON SALE!


Fiona Gavelle expected fame, fortune and glory after law school. However she finds herself working in a dead end, dusty law office where she does more secretarial than lawyer work.
One snowy Chicago night, she learns she was fired from her miserable job and when her miserable husband doesn't support her plight, she walks out. 

However, after attending the funeral of a man she only met once, her luck turns. She gets new office space, and is taken in by her favorite Aunt. 

She struggles to prove the practice of law does not include car chases or running down the alley at midnight. 

Join Fiona to see where she leads you.

US   The book is on sale April 23, 2015 8AM PST to April 26, 2015 12PM PST $.99  US Dollars

UK across the pond, the book is on sale April 23, 2015 8AM GMT to April 27, 12PM GMT  £ .99

Una is also on Goodreads


  1. What timing, Una. The first thing I saw this morning was a one star review for my first novel. Not a good way to start the day! The reviewer was not someone whose opinion I would trust; she didn't even capitalize the first letter of the first word in her sentences. And yet, Amazon has given her the right to "judge" my book publicly and possibly influence potential readers not to buy it. She and people like her should read your words: "Say something nice. A book takes time and heartfelt effort to put together. It’s a little of the writer’s soul." Sadly, some people are just nasty!

  2. Patricia you have many lovely five star reviews. Did you notice Goodreads has a policy that stops an author from responding to a negative review? Maybe if we spread the word it will help. Thanks for stopping by.
    Una (Fiona agrees with me.)

    1. Una,
      I would never respond to a negative review, except in my head. :) And, of course, you're right. I have a four star average for my first book and I'm grateful for all the positive reviews I've gotten.

  3. Love your advice about reviews. The only thing I've ever responded to the writer of a negative review is, thank you for taking the time to read the book.

    1. Thanks Marilyn, good to see you. Readers need to be encouraged and know that a book review is NOT a book report. Lol
      Una (Fiona is my protagonist).

  4. Hi Una, thanks for an interesting post :-)

    I must mention that as a reader, reviews are also important for me ...since they offer information about certain aspects of the book and help me evaluate if the book would be according to my taste or not.

    However, that doesn't mean I completely avoid a book based on the negative reviews. 

    In fact, it's the 4, 3 and 2 stars reviews that I usually focus on, as they tell me both the positive and the negative aspects of the story ...thus allowing me to weigh whether the positive qualities mentioned are worthwhile enough for me to ignore the the flaws or are the negative points described are just not acceptable for me. 

    Anyway, I am not an author but I can imagine the amount of effort it must take to write a book ...and even if the end result is not perfect, there are usually some good things in almost every book ...and if someone disregards all the positive factors and concentrate only on describing the negative aspects, then in my opinion, that person is not a reliable reviewer ...and I for one would not pay much attention to his or her feedback...!

  5. Those are excellent questions for reviewing a book. The most annoying thing a reviewer does (not counting the negative reviews) is give a synopsis of the entire book. I've known reviewers who were so excited about a book that they gave away the entire plot!

  6. Lol I agree Palmaltas, and the ones who write as if it is a book review are looooong. I encourage readers to simply write twenty words and check their spelling lol.
    Una (and Fiona)

  7. I want to thank Marja McGraw for posting my guest blog and sale today. She is an example of generosity displayed by authors.
    My first experience with author generosity came from Barbara D'Amato. Her review is on my amazon book page above.
    See you later.

    1. You post will be up all week, Una, and I think it's something readers can draw from. And thank you for stopping in and sharing with us. It's been my pleasure to have you here.

  8. Thanks Marja, I'll be here when that pesky day job isn't in the way. lol

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    1. Thanks S.L. want to add one of your favorites?