Monday, February 20, 2017

Dorothy Bodoin, Guest Author

This week I'm pleased to welcome Dorothy Bodoin as my guest author. Dorothy has 28 published books with more on the way, and I've read them all. They have elements of mystery, the paranormal, collies, and something new -- time travel. If you enjoy any of the aforementioned elements, you'll enjoy these stories. Collie lovers, here's the series you've been waiting for. This week Dorothy discusses time travel, which appeared in The Mists of Huron Court and again in Down a Dark Path. Welcome, Dorothy!

Jennet Ferguson, Time Traveler
I have always loved time travel novels.  Not the silly kind like the one I’m reading now in which the heroine is clueless.  She purchases an antique item, and when her world breaks apart, literally, complete with lights flashing and painful physical reactions, she wonders what is happening to her.  (You’ve traveled into the past, oblivious one.)
Among the books I love are Connie Willis’ classics: Doomsday Book, To Say Nothing of the Dog, Blackout and All Clear.  These are novels I can read over and over again and each time find something new.
Rather than write a stand-alone time travel, I decided to give Jennet Ferguson, the heroine of my Foxglove Corners Cozy Mystery Series (with Wings ePress) a time travel adventure.  How better to explain the mystery of the pink Victorian that ages a hundred years between one visit and the next?
I didn’t think this would be too radical a departure for my readers, for Jennet is used to encountering the unusual.  Soon after moving to Foxglove Corners, she saw a phantom Christmas tree in the window of an old white Victorian.  This was her first supernatural experience.
As she settled into her new home, she realized that Foxglove Corners was a town in which many strange occurrences happened.  For example, a certain road was the source of several disappearances.  Rumors spread that sometimes when traveling on it, one reached the end of the earth and fell off.
As she marries her true love, Deputy Sheriff Crane Ferguson and adds collies to her household, Jennet frequently comes across actual ghosts.  The white collies of Lost Lake, a girl who haunts the town’s library, another ghost who appears in the hall of the Spirit Lamp Inn, and a girl ice skater who returns to the lake where she fell through the ice and drowned.
I didn’t think Jennet’s misstep in time would be that different.

However, a few of my readers, unfamiliar with the genre, were confused.  Did Jennet really go back in time in The Mists of Huron Court or did she imagine it?  When Brent Fowler disappears in Down a Dark Path, has he been cast adrift in the past as Jennet suspects?  What else could be going on?
For Jennet in these two books, as well as in a more traditional mystery, the worst may happen but there is always a way out for those courageous enough to search for it.
I’ve always been a little puzzled by the time-tripping heroine who decides to stay in the past with the man of her dreams, turning her back on modern conveniences such as wonder drugs.  I can’t see myself doing that.  At present, I don’t plan to give Jennet any more adventures in time.  My summer book, Shadow of the Ghost Dog, will be a mystery with a supernatural touch.  No journeys into the past or future.
Foxglove Corners provides Jennet with plenty of opportunities to rescue collies and solve mystery in the twenty-first century.  That’s where I plan to leave her.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts about time travel, Dorothy. I hope you'll come for another visit soon.


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  1. Dorothy,
    Although I've only read a couple of your books so far, I thoroughly enjoyed them. Foxglove Corners is a fascinating place and I plan to return there soon. :)

    1. Thanks for reading them, Pat. I'd love to live in Foxglove Corners myself. Metamora, Michigan,is my inspiration, but in my mind I see the version I created, and Jennet's green Victorian farmhouse is one I wanted to build myself.

  2. I love time travel but only if the main character returns to his/her "real" time. My favorite time travel novel is House on the Strand by Daphne du Maurier although I hated, hated the ending. However, the book is the inspiration for a time travel series I have in mind. I was furious when I read the first Outlander novel and the heroine did not return to the 20th century. I did not continue the series. I really like the idea of using your series heroine for time travel, Dorothy, and then returning her to the present.

  3. That book by du Maurier was one of my favorites. As for Outlander, I read the first one, too; then I read Amazon reviews of other books in the series. The heroine goes back and forth in time, takes part in historical happenings, and even her daughter was fathered by a man from the past. Too outlandish for me. I stopped at Book #1.

  4. I absolutely love your book cover. The collie, the house, just gorgeous. I'm only a few chapters into, Down a Dark Path, but I'm really enjoying it so far.

  5. Thank you, Evelyn. Both covers were designed by Trisha Fitzgerald who is a Wings author and artist. I have both of them framed and hanging on my wall.

  6. Great meeting you, Jennet, and your novels and characters sound very interesting. Twenty-eight books!--I'm in awe. I also very much like your book covers. Continued success!

  7. Thank, you, M. M. Thanks for reading the blog. You're invited to Foxglove Corners anytime you feel like traveling. Dorothy

  8. Hi Dorothy,

    Great seeing you here. I've read every one of your books and love them all. It's a good day in my world when a new Dorothy Bodoin book comes out. Keep on writing. I love hearing about all Jennet's adventures.

  9. Thanks so much, Sue. I plan to keep on writing about Jennet and her friends. I'd be lost without them.