Monday, June 5, 2017

Marcia Rosen, Guest Author

My guest this week is Marcia Rosen, who's offering some advice about marketing our books. Marcia writes the "Dying to Be Beautiful Mystery" series as M. Glenda Rosen. I haven't read her books yet, but I hope to soon. They sound fascinating. Welcome, Marcia!

What’s Best For You?

As authors, we are inundated with marketing options and opportunities to sell our books. Many are not worth the time or money. Sometimes it feels like we’re being asked to sell our souls in order to sell our books. That’s never a good idea!
Book marketing strategies are an ever-changing challenge for authors, with traditional options available such as book signings to today’s endless array of social media offerings.
It is most helpful to have a marketing plan, your personal roadmap, for promoting and selling your books. To reach a wide and diverse audience, most traditional and self-publishers will agree: You need to market your book.    
No matter how wonderful, interesting and compelling your book might be, you still have to let the reading world know it exists!
            It would be difficult and costly to pursue all of the marketing options available to you, especially since new ones appear practically daily. The choices should depend on what you may be willing to do from the perspective of time, energy and costs. Select ones you consider the most practical, plausible and affordable for you.
Ask others, trust your own instincts while valuing others’ experiences.

Branding yourself as an author—highlighting the types of books you write—can help you increase book sales. Create a campaign message and write a synopsis of your book tailored for marketing and PR activities in order to create buzz about your book.

Book Marketing Tips

Determine your goals and vision
Know your reader markets
Be as specific as possible
Know what options and opportunities are available
Be organized: Keep an ongoing calendar
Plan ahead
Promote your next book prior to publication, especially if the book is part of a series
Be flexible: Add new ideas as your marketing campaign progresses
Keep track of your actions and responses
Note best and worse marketing actions
Avoid expensive actions with proven little response
Be cautious: Ask other writers what works for them
Attend one or two writers’ conferences a year
Ask people to review your book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads
Be willing to ask for help and support

For list of suggested resources email:

                                                                        Marcia Rosen

Thank you for some sound advice, Marcia. I  hope you'll return soon!

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  1. Great tips, Marcia!
    Although writing a novel is hard work, that's the fun part of being a writer. Then comes the publication/promotion process, which can be overwhelming.
    Please check your email today because I plan to contact you for that list of suggested resources. Thanks for the offer. I'll take all the help I can get. :)

  2. Very welcome Patricia, resource list on its way to you. Yes it certainly can be overwhelming. Hope information helps.

    Many thanks to Marja for introducing me to your blog readers, best, Marcia

    1. Thank you for joining us this week, Marcia!

  3. I'm thrilled that Marcia is going to be at the PSWA conference in July as one of the featured speakers. Can hardly wait!

  4. Marcia, thanks for the post about something most of us struggle doing. I am also sending you an email for the list of resources. Thanks in advance!

  5. Nice post, Marcia. Thanks for the information. As a writer, I can always use marketing advice.

  6. Thanks to all responding, appreciate your comments, Marcia

  7. We can never have enough marketing ideas. Thanks for offering more resources.

  8. The promotion part is the non-fun part (at least to me) and I see some others here feel the same, but it's so necessary. I went to a workshop recently on the subject and the person said that if you don't have a big online presence, you probably will not get published. I was doing some "blogging" when I got published, but I honestly didn't put up the website up and go onto Facebook and get serious until I had a contract. It sounds like maybe now, you have to have all that first. It's not easy. Thanks for the advice here.

    1. All our very welcome, glad to be of some help. My agent and friend and I agree, without marketing your book it will fall through the cracks to nowhere.